EXPERIENCE THE FEAR this halloween
in the abandoned Cresson Prison

Located At the old cresson prison 251 Correction Rd, Cresson, PA 16630

Tickets are available online or at our onsite box-office. Our onsite box office accepts cash and credit cards.

Experience The Fear This Halloween Season


The History

What began as the Cresson Tuberculosis Sanatorium when it opened in 1913 morphed over the years into a state hospital and finally a state prison (SCI Cresson).

The Cresson Tuberculosis Sanatorium treated more than 40,000 patients suffering from tuberculosis between 1913 and 1964.
The sanatorium opened as both a hospital and long-term residential care facility, to treat both individuals and entire families who had tuberculosis.

SCI Cresson opened in 1987 as a medium-security correctional facility for male inmates.
SCI Cresson closed June 30, 2013, with the State citing the antiquity of the prison and rising costs of maintaining it as the primary reasons for the closure.
Now SCI Cresson sits mostly abandoned on a parcel of land just off of Route 22 between Altoona and Ebensburg.
I said mostly abandoned because at least part of the former prison grounds is now being used by a new company for a new purpose.
Big House Produce took over the SCI Cresson campus in late 2019 with plans to build hydroponic equipment, grow hydroponic produce and hemp, and develop sustainable energy projects on the property.

Though the day-to-day focus of Big House Produce is on growing crops and building equipment for other hydro farmers, they began offering photographers and explorers a chance to tour portions of the former prison in May of 2021, as a way to help offset the costs of restoring vandalized infrastructure more quickly.

The portion of the prison grounds graciously made available for tours by the folks at of Big House Produce and it is MASSIVE!
Visitors should read the ground rules before visiting, so that you are prepared to safely explore the former prison grounds.

In 2022 Imaginarium Sanitarium and Big House Produce came together to build a one-of-a-kind attraction in central PA.

This will be the first year for Imaginarium Sanitarium and you won’t be disappointed – Please come out to show support for Big House Produce and all of the time and effort put in to make a truly wonderful haunted house experience.